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Steve James

Samstag, den 16.10.2015

Steve James

“Steve James is a great instrumentalist, a prolific composer, and a dynamic stage presence.He is one of the few contemporary songwriters to manage the neat trick of working within older traditions while consistently producing lyrics that sound fresh and smart rather than cute or nostalgic. His singing conveys both the depth and the humor of his material, and his live shows have a crackling energy that is light years away from the museum-style presentation of many acoustic blues revivalists. It’s a hell of a show.”-Elijah Wald musician and author of “The Dozens” and “How The Beatles Destroyed Rock’n’Roll” “

If you’re on this site… you already know about Steve James. If you just stumbled on it, take some time to get to know him. Quite simply, he’s one of the best I know…”-Jorma Kaukonen

Old-timey yet in the moment, traditional yet innovative, Steve James’ guitar playing and songs will take you to places long gone as well as destinations you’ve never been to…and you don’t even have to leave your armchair to go to take his musical rides ”-Jody Denberg  DJ at KUT Radio Austin 

Steve James

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